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Chapter 1
To establish an effective way of education, every university implemented the listing of records for the newly added students; this process is called the enrollment system. This is done through folders, fill-up forms and legal paper requirements and it takes time in collecting all the data and requirements needed. The enrolment process took almost half a day or several days in accomplishing all the hopeful individuals who want to be a part of the educational establishment depending on the universities’ accommodation. A study to make an automated system for the manual system is being conducted and it intends to make a computer based system for the enrollment system of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – Municipal Government of Talavera (NEUST-MGT) an extension campus of NEUST Main Campus. The system will Compose of system pages focuses on the Computerized Enrollment System with several features on which teacher and students will be the user and beneficiaries of the system. These are meant to support and to make the enrollment procedure easier than the old and manual enrolment system. The proponents will develop a system that can minimize the processing time in order to access records of the enrollees quickly so that enrollment process will be much faster than usual. Enrollees will be more comfortable for the system that the proponents will develop because of its fast and consistent processing of school’s enrollment requirements. Proponents of the system will be aware of the existing problems that the enrollees and the school are experiencing in the past few years. The mission is to develop a system that will provide a solution to their needs for them to be comfortable of what the propose system will provide. Ms. Wilma S. Bernabe an employee of the Municipal Government of Talavera will also benefited for the reason that they will not do the usual way they do when they are processing the enrollment forms or records of the enrollees. Instead of doing the usual way or the manual system of processing records of the enrollees they can now use a GUI or graphical user-interface, all they have to do is to press the mouse and enter data of an enrollees from the keyboard to manage the propose enrollment system. In the case of NEUST-MGT, the propose system will also provide a grading process because the extension campus is a government scholarship program school. The grading process will determine the ranking of students scholastic status base on their grades, whether they were full, half or out of the scholarship status.

Conceptual Design
In this research, the proponents used an outline to present preferred approach to be used in the whole study. A framework can help the proponents to decide and explain the route is taking.

Enrollees’ Personal Data

Enrollment System

Entrance Examination

Civil Requirements

Educational Requirements

Figure 1. Conceptual Design of the Study

Statement of the ProblemThe main purpose of this study is to answer the following questions: 1. What are the relationships and entities involve?
2. What are the specific requirements for an enrolment system? 3. How the new system can benefit the needs of the facilitators and enrolees? 4. How is the enrolment system evaluated in terms of:

a. General Features
b. Design
c. User Interface
d. Operations
e. Management of the program operation
f. Security

Objectives of the Study
The general objective of this study is to develop a computerized enrollment system for NEUST-MGT with the following specific objectives: 1. To analyze the problem through the use of Data Flow Diagram and ERD models. 2. To develop a software that will improve the old and manual enrollment process to a computerized enrollment system for NEUST-MGT. 3. To manifest the optimum benefits that the user would get once the new enrollment...
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