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Topics: Gatorade, Tennis, Grand Slam Pages: 4 (1683 words) Published: October 8, 2013

“Is it in you?”
Gatorade has been the leading sports drink since it was created in 1965 by a team of researchers at the University of Florida of Medicine. Gatorade was a world changer. It basically changed every sport game. As it gave athletes an advantage to be hydrated at all times. As University of Florida won its first bowl game, the losing team, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were interviewed. There coach simply said we lost because we didn’t have Gatorade. Since then Gatorade evolved into a drink that everybody wanted to try out and purchase. It has the power to make people think that if they drink their sports game will automatically be improved. Their popular slogan, “Is it in you?” is on every Gatorade bottle. The slogan basically means do you have what it takes to be a Gatorade athlete. The two ads I chose have two very popular athletes on the front cover. On the men’s side there is Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, achieving multiple MVP titles and multiple championships. On the women’s side there is Serena Williams, a powerhouse tennis player achieving multiple titles in tennis tournaments around the world. With these two top athletes Gatorade has the majority of the world believing if they drink some Gatorade they too could be a top performer. The majority of Gatorade’s merchandise is sold because of their slogan and the celebrity athletes they use to attract more and more of the world’s population.

The first ad I chose is created by Gatorade. The background is a plain navy blue and towards the bottom it gets to a lighter blue. In big bold white letters it says “Be Like Mike”. “Like Mike” came out as a nickname when Jordan played for the bulls and everyone wanted to be like him it eventually escalated in to a movie called “Like Mike is based off of Bow Wow, an orphan teenager finding shoes when he was struck by lighting and eventually making a wishing saying make me like mike. From that point he started playing basketball like...
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