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The volunteer hours I did really opened my eyes to public generosity and how organizations work. I volunteered for the Kidney Foundation of Canada only once but it was enough. I volunteered with a friend, which made sitting in Sobey’s all day a little more bearable. I sat at a table, dressed up with posters, numerous pamphlets, and magazines on kidney disease and health. I asked shoppers leaving Sobey’s if they’d like to donate to the Kidney Foundation. Some people would walk passed without so much as a glance, but many others stopped to hear what we were and what the organization did for people. Sometimes people stopped on their own, before we even had a chance to ask the question. It really made me see the generous side of Fonthill and it made me really happy to see that people wanted to be a part of a difference.

The most memorable person I met during this experience was one of the head helpers of the Kidney Foundation. She was really happy that day and explained a bit of the Kidney Foundation to us. People in her own family had been affected by kidney disease which made her want to get 110% involved in helping to find a cure.

The most significant experience I had was learning about the young man our booth, in particular, had been set for. He had been diagnosed with kidney disease when he was 23 years old and was put on a waiting list for a new kidney. A year later, his sister was found to be a match and donated one of her kidneys to help save her brother’s life. The man is now 34 and is celebrating his 10th...
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