Boondock Saints Phychological Interpretation

Topics: Mafia, Russian Mafia, The Boondock Saints Pages: 4 (1618 words) Published: June 3, 2011
Graham Brugger
Dr. Graham
Boondock Saints
Boondock Saints is a violent film in which two Irish Catholic brother seek vengeance* on Boston Mafia members. In this film the brothers are portrayed as the extremely good vigilantes that destroy evil. The two brothers do respect the laws of society to the most part, but are evil annilaters**, whom believe they have received a message from God to kill all evil and purify the city of Boston. The film consists of the “purifications” of the brothers and the quest for one detective to find out why these men are committing such brutal murders to the top mob bosses and soldiers of the city of Boston.

In this Catholic faith influenced film the ideology and main theme of the film is that “God’s will is of much greater importance than of any laws of humans”. The MacManus brothers believe they were called on the God in their sleep to rid the evil of the city of Boston in which they live. When the priest announces that the “indifference of good men” or bystanders that do nothing are the ones that should be feared, the brothers know that they must act. The Catholic faith called upon different people to fulfill ministries within the Bible and scripture; the brothers believe it is their time to fulfill God’s mission and to destroy the evil, the Russian mafia and sinners. This ironic for a number of reasons, killing is a sin and a commandment to not kill, but also the brothers do a number of things which would characterize them as sinners: drinking, cursing, and disrespecting individuals. This is all justified though because God told them to. In this film, God’s law is more important than any social behavior or law of man, which gives them the right to do whatever they want, which is what most Christian unorthodox practices would be justified as, such as the Crusades hundreds of years ago. God’s vengeance on the sinners in the world is carried out by these two brothers and their accomplice Rosco. Another interpretation to why...
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