books are better than movies

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Books ARE so Much Better than Movies!

English H 10A 4 October 2013 Gette 1

English H 10A
4 October 2013
Title Have you ever imagined living or visiting a place you can only dream of? Well you can every time you read a book, it’s guaranteed. When reading, a person is creating his or her own movie in a sense, and he or she decides many of the important parts. Your imagination lets you see and live in the aspects of the other world. You can be handicap and still be able to travel the world, climb mountains, jump off cliffs and pretty much do the impossible all in the comfort of your home. That is why books are so amazing, they can take you on adventures in ways that movies just never can. “When a film director works from an adapted screenplay, the results are not the same for various reasons. For example, a film that precisely follows a novel would be too long for most audiences to sit through at a single showing, so most things must be left out.” The directors and producers have to revise the script over and over to make sure that they have most of the important ideas and concepts. That is why there are always things they have to edit and remove from the movie. Because in the book anything is possible, but in the movie they have to rely on what resources their money can provide for them.

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