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The Log
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Ideology of redesigned booklet
When it comes to redesign a booklet, we try to look for some other booklet to have a idea that can insert into the booklet. Since we think that booklet should be clear and neat for people to catch the information inside, so we comes up a initial idea that is turn to integrate the different intern experiences. Initial idea of our booklet

We find out that category can be used in our booklet as there are so much information that is no longer in a set. At the very beginning, we roughly divide different experiences into three dimension, that is, animal, plants and laboratories' stuff. Since there are different kinds of animals in the booklet (marine one, insect and the animal live in land),so we afraid that this kind of categorization cannot be clear and neat for people to find the information so we make an advance of this idea. Advance idea

To take the advantages of the categorization, we tend to search the color scheme that can divide different experience sharing. However, we cannot find any color scheme that can be totally match with each other and, at the same time, can represent the meaning of the sharing title. We eventually choose the latter to have a better present of various piece of sharing. What more is, we have took the initial idea of categorization into the color categorization also. It means we put things into a certain clear sequence, for example animals at first , then the plants then the laboratories stuff. But there have a head line and bottom line in different color tone to indicate that they are different section. For instance, they are in the sequence of animals but in the blue head and bottom line. fisheriesdolphins

Typeface of our booklet
For the typeface we use, there are totally two typeface in the content. One is using a kind of modern typeface that used in body content and another one is...
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