Bookkeeping as a Career

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Bookkeeping Career
Linda Schneider
Baker College

Bookkeepers keep a record of the transactions of the company like accounts receivable, accounts payable, calculation of profit and loss, etc. Bookkeepers maintain a record in the books of accounts by posting detailed entries in the journal and general ledger regularly. They maintain complete sets of financial records, keep track of accounts, and verify the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial data either manually or by computer using various software programs. One of the leading key benefits that you can obtain from accounting is the experience you can gain from working in an accounting atmosphere. With accounting, you learn how businesses work and operate in an ever progressing field. This is an essential experience that will not only help you in the field of accounting, but this experience will also help gain knowledge of how to organize and run your own accounting or bookkeeping business.

Stacy Kildal (personal communication, 2013) was introduced to bookkeeping by working at her father’s construction company; she said “I helped out a little in junior high and high school, then I fell in love with accounting and started doing extra homework in my accounting classes at Oakland Community College.” It is a fact that many successful business people in the world today, were at one time involved in the field of accounting. The knowledge they gained from accounting helped them build their own professional organizations. Even if you eventually leave a career in accounting to pursue a career somewhere else, your experiences from accounting will be useful and beneficial. The skills required in accounting are not high except in two areas being, analytical and computer skills. When compared to many of the different professional careers out there, almost any skill requires you to have some type of attention to detail as well as computer technology skills. However, accounting differs from the rest in other areas. In accounting you do not have to socialize with many people, you work in a self-pressure environment, and you do not need a high amount of initiative. This separates accounting from many other professions, making accounting a much easier career to develop the necessary skills to become an accountant. The best feature of a career in accounting is that anyone can learn to become an accountant or bookkeeper. There are no specific skills or talents that cannot be learned and developed in the field of accountancy or bookkeeping. The other major benefit of a career in accounting is the great pay. In fact, in your first year of accounting you can make as much as thirty-five thousand dollars a year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website 2012) And, according to Stacy Kildal, (personal communication, 2013) As long as you establish a good reputation and maintain integrity while gaining as much experience and finding your little corner of expertise, the income is only limited by your ability to hire and expand. To start thirty to fifty thousand dollars is fair. (Kildal, 2013) Within ten years or less of your career in accounting, you could be making over six figures. This can be obtained quicker by furthering your degree in accounting which you can reach as high as a Master of Business Administration (MBA). There are many careers that take much longer to receive accreditation and do not allow you to earn that type of income so quickly. Along with all the other benefits of accounting, it is no surprise that accounting is a very popular field that many people are working to get into. You can see for yourself that accounting has many professional and career benefits that are appealing to anyone. From being able to work in a professional setting either for a large corporation, the government or yourself, accounting offers some key features and benefits that cannot be found in other professional careers. This research paper aims to illustrate that even...

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