Booker T Washington

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Booker T. Washington|
Booker T Washington by: Alan Schroeder|
Allysia Wesley, 3/18/2013|

English Honors Project Marking Period 3 – Due March 20th
Booker T. Washington was important to me because he believed in going to school. He was born a slave and slaves weren’t allowed to go to school. Booker was 10 when the slaves were freed. He eventually left his family and traveled to Hampton Institute in Virginia and became the best student. When a new school opened in Alabama Booker became the teacher. By 1900, Booker T. Washington had become the voice of blacks that wanted an education. He believed blacks and whites could be equal if everyone went to school.

When the slaves were freed in 1856, Booker’s family moved to Virginia. He worked in a salt mine until he saved enough money to travel from one side of Virginia to the other to go to school. After he finished school, he became a teacher until 1881 when a principal position opened in Alabama. Booker moved there and started the Tuskegee Institute. He taught his students to be hard-working and he believed African American’s could be equal to whites if educated, even during segregation. Civil rights advocates didn’t think like Booker T. Washington. Rich white southerners did give him moral support and money to run the Tuskegee Institute. He did speak out against racism in his life and also said that he believed African American’s should have the right to vote. He wasn’t alive during the civil rights era, but he did give money to fight discrimination and segregation. After Booker T. Washington died in 1915, the Tuskegee Institute became a historical site.

Booker T Washington learned very young that black people were required to work very hard. One thing Booker had to do as a child was carry 100 pound sacks of grain to his plantation’s mill. One day on the way to the mill Booker looked in the window of a school house and saw all the white children his age sitting at desks and reading books. This made him...

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