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CBDonates Application Paper
The Christian bookstore is a company that is dedicated to helping those in need. Their store fronts sell many items such as Christian reading materials, music, movies, jewelry, and even home décor. What few people know is that the Christian bookstore donates 100% of all its proceeds to charitable organizations in hopes of making a difference in the world. As a customer, wouldn’t it be nice to know where your money went and who it helped? We are introducing a new app that allows customers to track their purchase amount around the world similar to the way you track a UPS package. Customers will be able to see where their money went, what it bought, and who it helped allowing them to feel a more personal connection to the cause. System Definition

CBDonates app is a tracking app designed to help customers see the difference they are making by shopping at the Christian bookstore. After making a purchase, either in the store or online, customers will receive a tracking number on the bottom of their receipt. Customers can then access the free app by either downloading it from the app store or visiting Once the app is launched, they will be asked to enter their ten digit tracking number. This number will access information to where the funds from that day were sent. After the store makes a donation, each charitable organization will report to CBDonates and inform the customer of what their money is being used for. This information could include books, food, clothing, medical care, schooling, etc. depending on the type of charity. The idea is that eventually, the customers will be able to see what person, family, or town received help from their purchase. This gives the customer a sense of personal accomplishment and will distinguish the Christian bookstore from any of their competitors. According to Mark Stetler’s article, the average cost to create a small app is between $3,000 and $8,000. This amount is cost feasible since last year alone, Christian bookstore used their proceeds to touch almost one million lives. The costs include the developer’s rate, the technology costs, running costs, personnel, and maintenance costs associated with the app. These fees would be covered in small, monthly deductions from the store’s proceeds until completely paid for. This allows for donations to still be made to the charitable organizations during the development of this app. The Christian bookstore would like to have this app fully functional by Christmas time next year. The tentative development schedule is as follows; three months to brainstorm and research the app requirements, six months to put together a “rough draft” trial run, three months to fix and finalize the app before putting it on the market for download. During the three month editing phase, marketers will begin pushing the app’s capabilities to store customers. One year to get the app up and running is schedule feasible considering the size and complexity of this app is minimal. Technology required to create this app is fairly basic. A website will need to be created in order for people without mobile access to use the app. GPS capabilities will need to be accessed to show customers exactly where in the world their funds are being used. Systems, such as cloud-computing, will be utilized for data storage pertaining to tracking numbers and customer purchases. A communication technology would have to be developed similar to Facebook but on a much smaller scale. It be very simple and could only be seen by the customer and the companies. This would allow frequent updates from the Christian bookstore informing which charity received their funds, from the charity informing the customer what their funds were used for, and who received what the charity purchased. Since all these types of technologies exist, this project is technologically feasible. Component Design

The Christian bookstore has decided to integrate a new...

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