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Book Review
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Think India: The Rise of the World's Next Superpower and What It Means for Every American By Vinay Rai and William L. Simon.
Dutton Publications.
Pages 284. Rs 495.

“Deserves to be widely read by anyone who wants a proper understanding, of the great twenty-first century economic and political power that India promises to be” – BILL EMMOTT, former editor in chief of The Economist.

One of the many reasons you pick a book is because of the author’s credentials, Think India by Vinay Rai and William L. Simon is one such book. Vinay Rai is the son of Kulwant Rai, the founder of the House of Rai, one of India's family owned conglomerates--which specialized in steel, telecommunications, hotels, and information technology. He studied electronics at MIT in the 1960s and then returned to India to eventually run the family businesses. He worked hard for 30 years growing the family business and by 1999 the Usha group had it reached to its peak, and made Rai appear in the listing of Forbes magazine 200 wealthiest people in the world. Post 2000, when Usha group faltered and he was under indictment by Indian police who charged him with illegally shifting assets within his family business, Usha Group, and defrauding financial institutions during the dot-com boom; Rai who wanted to renounce worldly things was given the task to reform Indian education by his guru Sri Sai Baba. Since then Rai has become a vigorous campaigner for education in India and has set aside $150 million to create a foundation to support education, and set up Rai University, which now has 14 campuses and 9,000 students nationwide.

THINK INDIA is a good introduction to India, its culture, its rapid change towards modernization, its businesses, its political and economic reforms and reveals the forces and unique characteristics behind India’s amazing rise. The book is like a colorful journey to everything that is Indian and how India is making its...
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