Book Review: The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima

Topics: Yukio Mishima, Japanese people, English-language films Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Yukio Mishima, a renowned author, has come up with an erotic romance story about two young Japanese lovers in the close island community of Uta-Jima Yukio Mishima is known for his great, deep, meaningful, works of literature, and this is no exception. The plot line focuses on a love story about a young adult named Shinji, and the daughter of a rich, powerful man, Hatsue. The social separation between them prevents them from going on with their relationship publically, as this allows them to avoid gossiping with consequences that may come along. However, being frivolous and courageous, these two secretly meet in despite of the situation. This isn’t a typical romance story, it is much more. The protagonists, both Shinji and Hatsue are Japanese people living on an island full of Shintoism, and hard-working people. However, the other characters that end up gossiping about their relationship are more westernized, from going to the mainland. Much jealously is also seen throughout this romance, as Chiyoko, the daughter of the lighthouse keeper has feelings for Shinji, and this will cause her to make certain decisions that could hinder the community. Jealously is also seen through Yasuo, a conceited boy that wants to ask for Hatsue’s hand in holy matrimony. These supporting characters will influence the relationship between Shinji and Hatsue. This book is definitely a good read for the common romance seeking reader. Indulge yourself in this wonderful work of literature, that will teach you about traditional Japanese acts of Shintoism and traditions that make up the beautiful culture of both Uta-Jima and the mainland. In general, the term “romance” sparks an image of powerful love, with half-naked women, but The Sound of Waves is actual romance, including two innocent youths who are new to how to love. Many morals and lessons are taught through this book through the actions and regrets of the characters. The perseverance during hard times, allows the characters to push...
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