Book Review- Power of Professionalism

Topics: Management, Organization, Person Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: January 26, 2012
The Power of Professionalism

The thought around which the entire conversation revolves it that “Professionalism Matters” and it is not about mulling over on making people smarter but “About using better discretion.” Wiersma's says that professionalism can be used to: 

1. Drive organizations to higher levels of performance for their stakeholders.  2. Drive inner efforts to the superior performance of any organization.  3. Decrease the dysfunctional aspect of organizational conflict and politics.  4. Open up imagination among all silos and between organizations and their customers and partners. 5. Allow employees to find larger meanings in their work and to see the value and recognition of their contributions.  All of these are also recognized as the benefits of the Social Organization and that really good things can happen with true partnership and simple communication. The lecture had me shake myself at the irony that `professionalism' has been restricted from taking its fair place as the foundation in the so-called `world of accomplishment'. Power of Professionalism in Bill’s language means that there is a huge potential for optimism and change amongst individuals which would let people to grow and revolutionize as group, which might not be possible for one person. The Book also talks about ‘Trust’ and how it can change, provoke and engage a group of people within an organization to elevate their standards, raise their hopes and work toward a common goal without seeking individual benefit in today’s competitive environment. Hence, Professionalism when wrapped onto a company's foundation has encouraging implications.
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