Book Review Ongreatest Salesman in the World Part Ii

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Book Review of The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II: The End of the Story

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In ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II: The End of the Story’, Og Mandino has talked about a young camel boy and his life. The ten vows of success given in the book have changed the camel boy’s life drastically. After serving as a bomber pilot in World War II, Og Mandino started reading on self-help and motivation. He gradually started writing his own book on the same topics. Most of his writing has been inspired from the holy Bible. The prequel of this book, ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ was one of the bestselling books in the world. The prequel covers the journey of Hafid as a camel boy to a successful and the greatest salesman in the world. After not able to sell the robe, Hafid donates the robe to a just born child, Jesus. When Hafid told his master about the robe, the master gives him the ten scrolls of success which makes Hafid the greatest salesman in the world. In this book, the journey of Hafid as a rich successful person to an orator is described. It covers how initially Hafid had retired himself from all the activities, how he becomes an orator talking about his experiences and in the end how he decides to write down the ten vows of success and share them with the world. Summary

One day, Hafid the greatest salesman in the world after talking to her beloved lady, Lisha, decided to teach the lessons of success to other people and Galenus, a stranger who was the promoter of such events offers his help. According to Galenus, Hafid thorough his experiences could change many people’s lives. During the initial speeches Hafid faced some problems. He was improving every time but he did not feel satisfied with the impact on the people. He felt that his speeches had not added any value to those people. After delivering his speech at Nazareth, he met his long time friend, Sergius Paulus, who was the Governor of the island of Cyprus. Sergius told Hafid about how Paul of Tarsus converted him into a follower of Jesus. Long time back Paul had came to Hafid to learn the ten scroll of success to spread the message of Jesus all over the world. Sergius takes Hafid to Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary recognized him as then the camel boy who had helped her child and kissed him on the cheeks. She gave the same red robe to Hafid which she had got from Paul several years ago. She told Hafid that the red robe will help him out in passing on the values to the people. Here, Sergius referred to a saying which says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” (pg no. 46) Hafid successfully addressed a crowd of more than eighteen thousands in Rome. Here, Hafid met Luke, messenger of Paul. Luke informed him about the trial of Paul and requested if he could visit Paul. Paul told him about how he had lost the ten scrolls in a shipwreck and also said that he had been spreading the ten principles to other people as he was supposed to. In the end, Paul asked Hafid if he could write down all the ten principles of success so that the future generations can also be get benefitted from it. Hafid agreed on that. While leaving from Paul’s cell, Hafid wrapped him with the red robe. On Sergius’ request, Hafid decided to transcribe the ten vows on Mount Hermon. On reaching to Mount Hermon, Hafid asked Stephanas to show him the place where the God was heard to speak. Despite the chill, Hafid felt warm breeze at that place. He decided to...
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