book review on confessions of a shopaholic

Topics: Finance, Bank, Investment Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: February 2, 2014
confessions of a shopaholic! :D
{A.K.A the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic}
Oh!When she saw the GUCCI boots,thats it!Takes out her credit card,swipes and its hers!Oh! The joy on her face that she can finally say that its hers and she owns the boots! Rebecca Bloomwood,23,a financial expert she called herself but very few knew that she was in a great debt! A girl who hides her credit card bills under her bed and gives financial advises to everyone?That was Becky Bloomwood.She works at a finance magazine,spends all of her time shopping!She thinks of various ideas of saving money like Cutting Back or The M.M.M-MAKE MORE MONEY-methods.Since the cutting back obviously does not work for a shopaholic,she goes on to the next one 'Make More Money'!.She works part-time at a shopping mall and gets along well the first few days.Later when her greed for a pinstriped pant gets her to hide it from a customer she then no longer has that job.To overcome her grief of losing her job at the mall,she starts shopping and is greeted with a whole new collection of credit card bills. The bank manager Dereak Smeath does not let her go away without paying her bills and just let her frolick in and around shopping paradises.He starts sending letters to her,giving her deadlines and even visiting her apartment asking her to pay back the debted money.She thinks going to her mothers place fixes her problems but it just gets worse! Dereak starts calling her mother's house and she tells her parents that she was being stalked by the caller-Dereak Smeath.Becky's life is overwhelmed when her mothers' neighbours ask her for a financial advice-whether to switch funds or stay in the same investment plan as the bank would have offered them a new fund specially suited for them.They ask Becky since had been in the same investment plan for about 15 years and she tells them to go ahead! ooh Becky! I thought she was taking a great risk by advising someone about...
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