Book review of The Red Room by Nicci French

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My plot summary
The Red Room is a book written by Nicci French. Nicci French are actually a pair of writers, husband and wife who have a flare for writing. It is murder mystery themed book. It is about a young woman psychologist, Kit Quinn, who does a dangerous job. She is a special psychologist who does not listen to the everyday stress and problem of local people but one who examines the criminal mind. As such she is exposed to a world of major crime scenes, interrogations and violent insanity which none would have thought of. After one of her examinations, she was attacked by a mad criminal. However when she comes across a case of a young woman found dead in a canal, she realises the prime suspect is the same man who attacked her. However, despite the police insisting her, she refuses to accept the obvious answer and finds other crimes and other victims that are related to the crime. This case leads her to the street-people, the missing, unloved. It is a story that will bring you the opposite of the world, to the darkness where everything comes to light.

My response
The main character Kit Quinn is a recently divorced young woman. However, she is being portrayed as a brave woman who is independent in whatever she does. She goes to any limit to find what she wants. In a way, I feel that somehow the pair of authors is trying to express the fact that a woman has to be courageous and should be standing on her own legs. In the other bestsellers they have written they seem to be implying the same facts. The book, which is written in the perspective of Kit, has a great and entertaining plot. The flow of the story is so smooth that one may not even want to put down the book, afraid of losing the flow. As one carefully reads through the book, the idea of who the murderer is keeps changing as the characters are introduced. There will be so many possibilities swimming in your head that it creates a strong curiosity in you to find out who the murderer is. Almost...
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