Book Review: John Adams

Topics: John Adams, David McCullough, Second Continental Congress Pages: 4 (1651 words) Published: August 20, 2014
John Adams was written by David McCullough and published in 2001. The book won McCullough’s second Pulitzer Prize a year after its publication date. Due to its popularity, HBO transformed the award-winning book into a seven part TV miniseries, which aired during the months of March and April in 2008.

David Gaub McCullough was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1933. While a young man, McCullough had many career choices, ranging from architect, actor, painter, writer, to lawyer. In 1951, McCullough studied English at Yale University where he eventually earned his Bachelor's degree in English, with the intention of becoming a fiction writer or playwright. After writing his first book, David decided to go into writing full time.

Over the years, McCullough had published multiple books, which several of whom were also biographies on United States presidents including Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman, both winning book awards. McCullough focuses his work mainly on U.S. history and the American Revolution. He has become a highly respected and gifted author and historian in the eyes of many of his readers and critics. He does not hold any political or philosophical views that might color his interpretation of the topic because he wrote the book on a period long before his time. McCullough shares the life of John Adams with his readers by telling his tale chronologically. Unlike other writers who only view Adams through a political view, McCullough provides us insight on him through his personal life. The book is spilt into three parts, with a total of eleven chapters that are then subdivided into multiple parts. Part 1 mainly consists of John Adams’s early life as a young man to his early political career.

As a young man growing up in the small town of Braintree, John Adams pictured himself to follow the footsteps of his father and become a minister, Deacon John Adams. While attending college at Harvard, Adams soon pursued a life in law (p....
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