Book Review: Heartland the Darkest Hour

Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 12, 2010
My book was Heartland the Darkest Hour. It was written by Lauren Brooke and was 152 pages long.

This book was about a girl named Amy who tries to prove to everyone that she can be as good as a professional horse racer. Throughout the book she meets people, that teach her a lesson about how winning isn’t everything.

Even though winning is fun, that shouldn’t be why you want to compete. You should have passion in what you’re doing, instead of waiting for fame and fortune. Amy doesn’t realize that you should have passion in what you love to do. She thinks that she is the best horse racer in the world, but that changes when a certain horse and a certain person came into her life and taught her about passion. Ty a friend of hers, had a horse that was the best Amy had seen in her life! It had every trick that had ever been in horse racing history perfected. It had the most amazing speed, and it was very rare. Amy wanted that horse so bad, because she knew she could win with it. She wanted to buy it off of Ty, but he wouldn’t let her. One day Amy asked Ty why she couldn’t buy the beautiful horse, but then Ty asked her a very important question. He said “Why do you want this horse?” Amy stood there for a minute and thought about what he had asked her. The next day she felt bad because she had been selfish and only wanted the horse for fame and money, not because she loved the horse. At the end of the book, Amy realizes that she needs to have passion in all she does, because without passion “You’ll never love what your doing.”

I think Amy was changed at the end because her attitude was different from the way she treated others in the beginning. At the end of this book, Amy is more kind and doesn’t think to much about her self.

I would recommend this book to others because it teaches you not be bratty and selfish, but to be humble and passionate. If you like books about horses, this series would be awesome for you to...
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