Book Review - Classic Short Stories - Three Hours Between Planes

Topics: Short story, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Essay Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Book review
Classic Short Stories
Three Hours Between Planes

The book ”Classic Short Stories” is a book whit many lesser texts. I will look at one of the texts called ”Three Hours Between Planes”. ”Three Hours Between Planes” is a short story write by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. He was a writer that was borne in 1896 and died in 1940. He was an Irish and American that write for the most short story and novel. He has also write some for magazines, role-playing and essays. He have also got some of the texts translated over to Norwegian, like “Den gule bilen” Den store Gatsby” and “Den rike gutten” that was translated over to Norwegian of Gyldendal publishers.

The short story “Three Hours Between Planes” it is two main characters twit the names Donald Plant and Mrs Gifford. They were in love then they was young, but Donald had moved away for a wile. One time when he was of duty, was traveling home. On the way, the plane intermediate landing and the plane would be on the ground for three hours. He is thinking he can try to save the lost love of his youth. He isn’t sure that she lives here still, but he finds her name in the therephone directory. He is calling the number that is Mrs Gifford’s nr. He is asking for Miss Nancy that was her old name. They are talking for a while and Mrs Gifford invites him fore a visit. She tells him the address and they hang on. He gets a taxi and tells the driver to drive to Hillside 1191. When he has arrived, Mrs Gifford stands in the door. She asks him for a drink, but he cant, because his plane later. They are always taking about the past, and don’t think about anything in the present. I stop here, because I do not won’t to give away the hole story.

I was a bitt disappointed over the book, because it was quite boring. It was many different stories but the most of them was disappointing. I can recommend this book for a person that likes small easy texts to read, and need < <

an easy language. The recent why I...
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