Book Review: Call of the Wild

Topics: Emotion, Dog, Klondike Gold Rush Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: September 19, 2011
Call of the wild

Jack London was born in California, USA in 1876 and died in 1916 at the age of 40. He came to be one of the most successful authors at his time after releasing two great novels - Call of the wild and White Fang. The book I chose to do a book review on is London's breakthrough and most famous work - Call of the wild. The book revolves around the tough life of a huge dog named Buck. Buck lives a happy and calm life together with his master, Judge, in California. However, one of Judge's servants kidnaps and sells Buck for selfish reasons. Buck is sold to a Canadian pair to be a sled dog. Under their care, Buck has to adapt a new lifestyle - a lifestyle of cruelty and a constant fight for survival as other dogs are not as gentle as Buck. He also has to learn to always obey orders from his masters. As the time passes, Buck grows a lot stronger and wiser as a sled dog. Buck has to go through a lot of different climates, masters and obstacles throughout the storyline.

One thing I love about Call of the wild is how it, in many ways, reflects human behavior. This is maybe not that strange since the book parallels London's own journey during the Gold rush. But the story reflects so many human actions, even though it's about dogs. However, what I find the most fascinating about the book is how Buck goes from being a happy dog with freedom and no worries to a respected and feared leader. It's such an emotional ride all through the book. Buck experiences fear, hatred and even love. Buck is, in my eyes, the most psychically strong and spirited character ever written. The things he has to go through are just cruel, but he never loses his spirit. I also love how the book is kind of gentle while being really dark at the same time. London wrote in a way no one else can. The way he managed to make a novel about dogs seem so "human" is, for me, astonishing. The book could just as well have been about humans. The story contains a lot of violence, dark...
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