Book Review: And Then There Were None

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Coal Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Book Review: And Then There Were None
An intriguing, bone-chilling murder mystery that will guarantee to drown you into its void of darkness. Ten victims, each aching with guilt and fear, are selected by a murderous hand and escorted onto a remote island off the coast of Devon. Oblivious as to whom their captor may be, they are murdered, one by one and soon enough ten dead bodies are found on lonely Indian Island. Only a revelation in a bottle unveils how nobody remained on the isolated island.

The clever, riveting plot designed by Agatha Christie is well paced and suffused with an engaging feeling of suspense. The story begins with a simple letter, joining an ill-assorted group of victims of murder. The rising tension increases when a peculiar recording proclaims the crimes that the ten victims had eluded, resulting in much guilt and fear. The murders are committed in accordance to the classic children's nursery rhyme, “Ten Little Indians”, and an ominous feeling is generated as you begin to anticipate each forthcoming death. The climatic moment in the novel happens when there are only two characters left on the empty island. It is the tense atmosphere that moves you to the edge of your seat, desperately trying to solve the mystery. The resolution is Textile Industry The textile industry had been an important industry in Britain for a long period of time. Due to the suitable climate and geography of Britain, the ability to raise sheep allowed for wool to be harvested cheaply and turned into cloth. The great demand for high quality wool in Britain motivated inventors to design contraptions and machines to speed up the process of producing cloth. Inventions including“The flying shuttle”, Spinning Jenny, Water Frame, and “mule”, resulted in the textile industry becoming a factory industry reliant on power.

Steam Industry
As lack of power was a major problem for factory owners, many inventors felt the need to discover more efficient methods of providing...
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