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Topics: Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: July 17, 2014
Cold War Baby Boomers
1. After WW2, the soldiers came home and were able to get houses for either nothing or lowly priced. Their wives would become pregnant. Many babies were born in this time & many new things were being built, new towns with houses, schools, strip malls, etc. 2. In 1927, the television came out & mothers started working. TV became another mom to kids since they had to learn to tend for themselves. They were called latchkey kids.

Cold War & Stalin
1. The Soviet people thought after the war, their lives would get better but Stalin thought if they wanted more, they would rebel. He did what he could to not let them want more than what they had. 2. In the summer of 1948, Stalin ordered a blockade of West Berlin

The Cold War PowerPoint
1. Feeling that the future peace of the world would depend upon relations between the United States and Russia, FDR devoted much thought to the planning of a United Nations, in which, he hoped, international difficulties could be settled. 2. Hiss was accused of being a Soviet spy in 1948 and convicted of perjury in connection with this charge in 1950. It is very likely that he was innocent.

Chapter 26
1. Why did relations between the United States and Soviet Union deteriorate after WW2? P. 782-791 The USSR was based on a communist system and wanted to spread communism all over the world. The United States was based on a capitalistic democracy and wanted to prevent communism.

2. Why did Truman have limited success in implementing his domestic agenda? P. 792-800 Congress rejected Truman’s proposal for civil rights, a medical lobby blocked the plans for a universal health care program, his concentration on foreign policy rather than domestic didn't help, and there was a wave of anticommunism that weakened liberal and leftist forces.

3. How did the Korean War shape American foreign policy in the 1950s? P. 800-805 The Korean War shaped American foreign policy in the 1950s by showing the American...
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