Book Review

Topics: Love, Feeling, Emotion Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: April 15, 2013
A book review on: Sirish ko phool (The blue mimosa)
This beautiful novel was written by one of the most talented lady in the Nepali literature sector, we all know her as Parijat. This book was published by Sanjha prakashan, in 2068 B.S., this novel was also awarded with ‘Madan Puraskar’ in 2022 B.S. This story is basically about a person named Suyog, who was a former soldier in the British-Gurkha Army and had fought in the Second World War; he had retired after the war was over and now maintained his living by the pension he got. In the very beginning of the story, Suyog mentions of a friend he made, Shiva raj, and how he was visiting his house for the first time and of the scenes he saw there. Shiva raj is a man whose life is full of responsibilities, he has at home three unmarried sister and their studies to support. They both are later found out to be two alcoholics who have happened to meet in a bar. The next character that enters Suyog’s life is Sakambari, one of Shiva Ram’s sisters. She has a totally different perception on life and in many cases stands in a total opposition to Suyog. She constantly makes fun of Suyog, which always keeps her image on his mind. Gradually, Shiva ram’s another sister Mujura is someone Suyog considers to be an ideal wife material, unlike Sakambari. He doesn’t love Mujura but rather only wants to make her his wife to comfort him during his loneliness. His words are “ Swasni lae prem pani garnae parcha bhanney kura malae thaha thiyena, prem katro jhuto, katro upahas, katro nirrarthakh” by this statement of his, he makes it clear that for him love and relationships were not a thing that carried values but rather a compulsion of life. Suyog’s relation with Sakambari was of nothing but opposition and some little amount of hatred but one day he realizes that his hatred had turned into a deep feeling he didn’t believe in, love. He had started to love Sakambari and to feel the restriction within him to not be able to tell Sakambari...
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