Book Report: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, Harper Lee Pages: 7 (2525 words) Published: February 24, 2014

III. Author’s Biography
The author of the famous classical novel “To kill a mocking bird” was born on April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. Harper Lee was the youngest daughter of a lawyer (member of the Alabama State Legislature) and a housewife. During her childhood years, Harper likes to go out with boys and even acted like one of them and she had a best friend named Truman Capote (a famous author also). In college, she enrolled in University of Alabama where she studied Law from 1945 to 1949. She also went to Oxford, University for a year for an exchange student. After it, Harper Lee realized that law isn’t for her, its writing. So, she dropped out from school and went to New York where she wrote and finished the manuscript of To Kill a Mocking Bird. Her novel was published in the year 1960 then eventually became a literary legend. In 1961, the novel won the prestigious PULITZER PRIZE. It was also adapted into an Academy Award winning movie in 1962. Harper Lee received an award “Presidential Medal of Freedom” by Pres. George W. Bush in November 6, 2007 and also awarded National Medal of the Arts in 2010. Harper Lee is living a peaceful life in Monroeville. IV. Vocabulary

1. Assuage – to lessen the intensity of (something that pains or distresses) Ex. The whole family was unable to assuage their grief when the head of their family died. 2. Strictures – an adverse criticism

Ex. The Philippine Catholic church’s strictures on the morals and mores of the society have been heard by people around the world. 3. Chattel – an item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (as buildings) connected with real property Ex. She packed up all her chattels and moved to a new city.

4. Unfathomable – incapable of being fully explored for understood Ex. Her gray eyes were dark with some unfathomable emotion during her speech a while ago. 5. Azalea – a deciduous flowering shrub of the health family with clusters of brightly colored, sometimes fragrant flowers Ex. My mother brought home a plant named “Azalea”.

6. Perplexity – inability to deal with or understand something complicated or unaccountable Ex. She paused in perplexity in the debate.
7. Jiffy – a moment or an instant
Ex. We will be back in a jiffy.
8. Obstreperous – noisy or difficult to control
Ex. Nowadays, children are cocky and obstreperous.
9. Passé – no longer fashionable; out of date
Ex. In modern days, girls prefer to use miniskirts because long skirts are already passé. 10. Apoplectic – overcome with anger; extremely indignant
Ex. Marc was apoplectic with rage at the decision.
11. Cantankerous – bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative Ex. My father is a crusty and cantankerous old man.
12. Reconnaissance – preliminary surveying or research
Ex. The student council is conducting student reconnaissance on their needs and problems. 13. Calomel – a white powder used as a purgative and fungicide (mercuric chloride) Ex. People in our barrio used calomel in children.

14. Tirade – a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation Ex. After the inspection by the health department, we had to listen to the manager’s tirade about keeping the restaurant’s kitchen cleaner. 15. Gait – a person’s manner of walking

Ex. I admire the easy gait of models in the fashion show I viewed. V. Characters
1. Jean Louise Finch – also known as “SCOUT”. She is the narrator of the story who possesses an intelligent mind. 2. Atticus Finch – he is a lawyer and the father of Scout and Jem. He had taught his children morals values and he exemplifies impartiality of judgment. 3. Jeremy Atticus Finch – also known as “JEM”. He never left his sister. He is addicted to football. 4. Arthur Radley – also known as “BOO”. He never goes out of their house. In the novel, I consider him as one of the “mockingbirds” in the story. 5. Bob Ewell – a man who has accused Tom Robinson to...
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