Book Report (the Phantom of the Opera)

Topics: The Phantom of the Opera, Love, Opera Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 21, 2011
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1. Title: The Phantom of the opera

2. Author: Gaston Leroux

3. Publisher: Random House

4. Text-type: Print-fiction

5. Genre: Mystery/thriller

6. Summary of the book:

This book is about a boy who has a face like a skull, nose is sunk in, eyes are small and yellow and the body is a skeleton with skin. Moreover, he has a lovely voice and smart. His father and mother never love him. One day, he ran away from home and he leaned many things in the trip, but when he learned the skill from the people, the people always whispered against him. When he in a fair, Fortune Teller asked him what name he was, but he had no name, so Fortune Teller gave him a name—Erik. One day, Erik traveled to France and worked as a builder of an opera house. When the opera opened, he wrote the opera for the opera house. Also, he built a house under the opera for himself. And when he saw the opera, some people gave him a new name—the Phantom of the Opera. In an opera, he listened for a young girl who name is Christine. Her voice was beautiful, but sad. Erik knew that she should have a right teacher to make her voice perfect. Then Erik teach her how to sing and Christine believed that Erik is the angel of music. Erik fell in love gradually. Nevertheless, Christine met her lover—Raoul and she wanted Raoul brought she leaved Erik. However, the conversation was heard by Erik, therefore Erik brought Christine backed to his house high-pressure. At that time, Raoul tried to relieve Christine but Erik forced her to marry to him, but Christine did not want to marry to Erik. Lastly, Erik let her go and free to marry Raoul. He also gave her a wedding present to Christine and Raoul because of Christine and Raoul’s real love.

7. Reflective response

I deem that this story can give the support that who disappointed in a love affair and the people who is handicapped because the main character—Erik meet the same challenge. In “The Phantom of the Opera”,...
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