Book Report on the Black Heroes of American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold, George Washington Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Enriched History Book report
The book I read for the enriched history project was Black Heroes of the American Revolution by Burke Davis. The reason I chose the book was because after looking at some of the books I thought I would be most interested in this one. On Revolutionary war day, there was a re-enactor of Edward Hector who told us much about African American soldiers. I have always been fascinated with African American History and wanted to know more about the soldiers Edward Hector talked about. Another reason I chose this book was because it was directly to the point instead of pages of filler it talked about who, when, where, and why with feeling. This book was mainly written to inform readers about how many African American people fought and died for the American Revolution. The Author stated how 2 and 1 half million people lived in the colonies during the revolutionary war and half a million of them were black. After the war 60,000 African Americans were set free because they helped win the nation’s freedom. Although the feats of many African Americans were not recorded we still know of some famous African Americans of the war because of people like John Greenleaf Whittier a white poet who wrote about African American History. John Greenleaf Whittier particularly praised the founding fathers that were African American. One of the people in this book that the author particularly emphasized was William Lee. William Lee is not a name known by most Americans but he was at the side of General Washington sharing every minute of the American Revolution with him. William Lee was also General Washington’s closest companion before and after the war. General Washington later gave William his freedom and money for him to live in his old age. Another person the book emphasized was Edward Hector (the soldier from revolutionary war day). Edward Hector was an artillery man who was very brave and most famous for a battle at Chadds Ford. At Chadds Ford, Sir...
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