Book Report on Silent Honor Ny Danialle Steel

Topics: Danielle Steel, Family, Novel Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: December 28, 2005
The name of the book is Silent Honour by Danielle Steel. Danielle Steel was born on August 14, 1947 in New York city. She has a background in public relations and writing ad copy, Steel has lived a life that is romantic and dramatic as many of her novels. She is the most popular writer today read by people in 47 countries and 28 languages. Silent Honour, a bestseller, is her 38th novel. Others of her bestsellers are second chance, Ransom, Safe harbour, Answered Prayers, The Cottage etc. Now coming towards the novel, Silent Honour has 18 chapters and it consists of 446 pages. The book is printed and bound in Great Britain by Cox and wyman Ltd. It is published by Bantam Press, a division of transworld publishers Ltd. The recommended price of book is UK £5.99, Australian $ 13.95 and New Zealand $ 16.95. I got it for Rs. 200. I have selected this book (novel) because I was already reading it, when this assignment was given. This novel describes the story of Hiroko, one of the two children of Masao and Hidemi. Hiroko was brought up in a traditional family and society. Her mother was a very conservative woman and brought up her daughter with the same mindset, where as her father Masao being a Professor at the university, wanted her daughter to be open minded and well versed with modern ideas, especially with English language. To fulfill his life long ambition through his daughter, Masao sends his daughter to America. There she stays with her uncle Takeo and his family. America is a new world for Hiroko, a world of barbecues, station wagons and college.Being a traditional girl she is surprised to see that her cousins have become more American than Japanese. She is then admitted to an all girls boarding school. Her life there is difficult as the American girls did not get along with her easily. Her world is unexpectedly filled with prejudice and fear, but in this difficult situation the only person Hiroko was near to was Peter Jenkins,...
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