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Business Maharajas concentrates on the strategy and decisions Strategies


An Insight into Some of India’s Most Powerful Business Tycoons and the Eight of India's most powerful men. It focuses on their personal experiences and visions to expose how they think and conduct their businesses. Let’s find out more about them.


Business Maharajas is about these business personalities. Instead of concentrating on strategy and strategic decisions, Gita Piramal focuses on the personal experiences, aims, and visions of these important industrialists to expose how they think, how they conduct their businesses, and how they arrive at complex investment decisions involving billions of rupees.

These eight of India’s most powerful men, are a study in contrasts. Their businesses are distinct and varied. Some are highly educated; others are barely educated at all. Some inherited their empires, others are self-made. Some reached the top in their 30s; others did not even get started until their 50s. Some dominate a particular business, others control several industries. Yet what they do, what they think, and how they react impacts the entire economy. Between them, they control sales of roughly Rs 550 billion through more than 500 companies and directly employ at least 650,000 people. Whether an individual is turning on a light, sipping a cup of tea, shaving, listening to music, driving, seeing a movie, or sleeping, he or she is using one of their products. About the author

A freelance journalist with a Ph.D in business history, Gita Piramal is the author of the best selling business legends and the co-author of a pioneering work on business history, India’s industrialist. She has also contributed to the seminal volume business and politics in Indian- a historical perspective, edited by DR.Dwijendra Tripathi and published by the Indian institute of Management, Ahemdabad. She has been writing and commenting on the corporate sector for over eighteen years for leading Indian and international newspaper such as the UK’s financial times and economic times. Piramal has been involved in the making of television programmes on India business for the BBC and for plus channel. She is married to the industrialist Dilip.G.Piramal and they have two daughters, Aparna and Radhika Piramal divides her time between Mumbai and London.

-India’s Stock Market Messiah

In 1958, at the age of 26, Ambani took a loan and started the Reliance Commercial Corporation, a trading firm, dealing basically in commodities like ginger, cardamom, pepper, etc., with a mere Rupees (Rs) 15,000. As the money started flowing in, he shook off his village mentality (if he had any) and learned to spend money in a big way. To Ambani, it was not extravagance, but a broadening of the mind-a lesson he had learned while working at Burmah Shell. In the mid-1960s, Ambani switched from spices to textiles and soon built a new mill. By 1977, the year he went public, the mill was earning a profit of Rs 43.3 million from revenues of Rs 700 million. Each year he enlarged the mill and added new machinery that was the latest and the best. His philosophy was: "Play on the frontiers of technology. Be ahead of the tomorrows." Ambani was the first Indian industrialist to appreciate ordinary investors and their needs. His philosophy that management has a responsibility toward its shareholders to ensure the capital appreciation of their shares has changed the entire mindset of corporate India and its way of doing business. Between 1977 and 1995,...
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