Book Report of the Great Gatsby

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Having read “The Great Gatsby” twice, I searched the information of the author--- Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. Coincidentally, I found the novel is somewhat similar to the author’s own experience. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, and was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. Though an intelligent child, he did poorly in school and was sent to a New Jersey boarding school in 1911. Despite being a mediocre student there, he managed to enroll at Princeton in 1913. But he never graduated; instead he enlisted in the army in 1917, as World War I neared its end. Fitzgerald became a second lieutenant, and was stationed at Camp Sheridan, in Montgomery, Alabama. There he met and fell in love with a wild seventeen-year-old beauty named Zelda Sayre. Zelda finally agreed to marry him, but her overpowering desire for wealth, fun, and leisure led her to delay their wedding until he could prove a success. With the publication of This Side of Paradise in 1920, Fitzgerald became a literary sensation, earning enough money and fame to convince Zelda to marry him. Having become a celebrity, Fitzgerald fell into a wild, reckless life-style of parties and decadence, while desperately trying to please Zelda by writing to earn money. Fitzgerald was the most famous chronicler of 1920s America, an era that he called “the Jazz Age.” Written in 1925, “The Great Gatsby” is one of the greatest literary documents of this period, in which the American economy soared, bringing unprecedented levels of prosperity to the nation. The story is told by the first person narrator Nick Carraway, a thoughtful young man from Minnesota, graduated from Yale, who moves to New York after the war. The plot of “The Great Gatsby” is straightforward. James Gates, who has renamed himself Jay Gatsby, falls in love with a Louisville belle called Daisy just before he goes overseas. When The First World War breaks out, Gatsby is sent to Europe as a lieutenant and they have to depart....
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