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Book report
The novel God Father is written by Mario Puzo. Mario Puzo is a professional writer from an Italian immigrant family. When he was young, he lived in a slum in New York with his parents, so crime may be a normal state of affairs where they lived. Yeas later when Mario became a professional writer, that part of experience gave him the inspiration about this famous novel---God Father. He also published some other books, but none of them was as popular as God Father. This novel was mainly about an Italian immigrant family--- Corlenone Family during the 1945 to 1955 in New York, the US. The most important role not only in the family, but also in the whole book is Vito Corlenone, known as the Godfather, the chief of his family. Vito was born in Sicily, Italy. He led a normal and peaceful life with his parents until his father was murdered. As the result, Vito had to escape to the America alone at 12 years old, and lived in a slum, which was called “ New York’s hell’s kitchen” and worked in a grocery store. He should have had such a simple and normal life with his wife, but a man ruined it and changed his life totally. It was Fanucci who often bullied others and asked for money from the neighborhood. Vito Corlenone had no choice but to kill Fanucci when he came down on Vito for money that Vito had risked his life to get. Therefore, Corlenone earned respects and some money by protecting his friends there. Then, he went into the olive oil importing business and made his first fortune. When the ban on alcohol came to pass in 1920, he turned to smuggle wine in from Canada. Then, not the ordinary businessman any longer, Vito gradually became to a great Don in the world of criminal enterprise. However, his wealth was not the reason why he could receive so many respects and worship from others. Vito was kind and generous to those who really needed help. On the other hand, he was also determined and manful to his enemy. He made good relationship...
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