Book Report: Nine Days a Queen, the Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Mary I of England, Edward VI of England Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: November 9, 2009
Nine Days a Queen, The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey by Ann Rinaldi
The book I chose to report on was about the life and short reign of Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane Grey was born in 1537 of the Tudor House. Lady Jane was the great-granddaughter of King Henry VII and cousin to Edward VI. Following her was the birth of her two sisters, Lady Catherine and Lady Mary.

Ann Rinaldi uses historical fact and evocative writing to describe Jane’s life as if by her own teenage words. The book was written as if Jane was telling her own true to life story beginning from her early childhood years, growing up in Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, to her final days before her beheading locked away in the tower of London. Lady Jane Grey comes to life to tell her side of this intricate story from beyond the grave. Jane, related to the Tudors through her mother, becomes third in line to the throne following the death of her cousin, King Edward. Unfortunately, Jane is betrothed to the son of a nobleman who is determined to keep her cousin, Princess Mary, daughter of Catherine of Argon and Henry VIII, from gaining the throne. Jane ascends the throne for nine days after which she is beheaded. This famous conclusion to Jane's story takes up only a small portion of the book, the breadth being a narrative of her life of privilege, her companionship with her cousins Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth, and the more happy times of her life which were spent away from her merciless parents. Rinaldi goes into great detail about the elaborate food, clothing, and amusements of a young royal girls life, which help to color the story.

The book tells the story of a young girl in her own words, who only wanted to live a simple life. The narration of Jane’s story begins at the tender age of nine when she is summoned to go to court by Katherine Parr, wife of Henry VIII.

It was of no secret to the rest of the royal families that Jane grew up in a pugnacious household, however it was also no...
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