Book Report Mastering Self Leadership

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Mastering Self Leadership Report

Self-leadership is a trait that everyone possesses, whether they know it or not. During at least one point in their lives, everyone has had to take responsibility and lead themself in order to achieve their goal. Not everyone realizes it, but everyone has done it. The book Mastering Self-Leadership: Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence by Christopher P. Neck and Charles C. Manz explains the different types of leadership, different approaches to self-leadership, and how you can lead yourself through numerous situations using multiple self-leadership concepts. Overall, this is a great book that will definitely help you become a better leader to others, as well as yourself, and will help you achieve your goals. Summary

Chapter one explains what leadership is, what the different types of leadership are, and how we all lead ourselves. It is a basis for the rest of the book. Chapter two talks about how both personal and external factors shape our personality. How each individual processes and reacts to what goes on in the world is what our personality is, so the outside world plays a major factor on how we act. Chapter three explains that not everything in life is easy to do and it shows you how to overcome obstacles in life. It starts off by assessing your self-leadership skills with a brief assessment and then goes on to explain how to remove negative cues, implement positive cues, setting specific long and short-term goals, searching and defining purpose in life, and how to achieve your goals using self-reward, self-punishment, and practice. Chapter four goes into depth on the importance of natural reward. Natural reward is getting enjoyment from doing an activity without doing it for the sole purpose of a physical reward. This means that you are doing something because you like to do it, not because you will get a pay raise or promotion from it. Chapter four goes onto explain how natural rewards make us feel, why it is important to find natural rewards in activities, and how to find natural rewards in everyday activities.

Chapter five focuses on the psychological mindset of a person and how each individual interprets their physical situation differently. Chapter five explains how positive thinking, self-talk, and your beliefs can help or hinder how successful you are at a specific task. Chapter six goes into more detail about the mental part of leadership and introduces mental practice and opportunity thinking. Chapter six shows the steps of mental practice and explains how opportunity thinking can help you throughout life. Chapter seven takes everything from the previous six chapters and explains how it can be used in the team setting. Chapter seven goes over how individual self-leadership is a key to success in the team setting. It also goes over how to balance the “me” with the “we” as a team. Chapter eight shows how everything in the previous seven chapters has been applied in various situations such as personal problems, athletics, work, and management positions. This is very helpful for people who are skeptical of this book and do not think that these concepts will work. Chapter nine shows us how all four parts of self-leadership influence our behavior and decisions and ultimately determine our destiny. They show a diagram to show how everything is connected and that it all leads to your personal and team effectiveness.

In chapter ten, it focuses on how your personal fitness can help or hinder your ability to lead yourself and others. It shows how physical fitness positively affects your ability to think more clearly and to reduce stress quicker. This is essential for business people who work long days and always feel tired. Chapter eleven talks about optimism, happiness, and your personality and how each of the three can affect your self-leadership effectiveness. It talks about how optimism can be...
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