Book Report: Avril Crump and Her Amazing Clones by Angela Woolfe

Topics: Science, Experiment, Laboratory Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: October 11, 2007
The book I read for this report was Avril Crump And Her Amazing Clones by Angela Woolfe. Avril Crump is a scientist who accidently uses an old scientific experiment that belongs to Dr. Blut, and ends up making three clones. The clones are a talking dog named Augustus, a little girl, and a very tall man named Bonaparte. She tries to keep the clones a secret from Dr. Blut. But Dr. Blut ends up finding them and capturing Avril and her clones anyway. Near the end of the book Dr. Blut and his assistant, Dr. Sedukata, and the clones, are left to take care of themselves, but Dr. Blut and his assistant end up getting kidnapped by one of the clones. The book leaves you hanging as it is setting things up for the next two books by the author.

I felt like all the characters in this book belonged in a comic book. Although I did enjoy the way Augustus the talking dog clone was so full of himself and how Bonaparte the tall man clone wrote songs about him, making him even more big headed. I could probably relate best to Augustus the talking dog, because he was very funny and always did the right thing. Dr Avril was not someone I could relate to because she was a lonely, old, scientist. Dr Blut was always the evil one, and I can't relate to that either. The book did not really give a lot of character information on the other two clones. All it ever talked about was Bonaprte, Bonaprte was a tall, skinny eighteenth century soldier, and the little girl had one green and one brown eye.

The setting of the book took place at a place called Leviticus Labs. Dr Avril was a scientist, and researcher that cleaned up environmental disasters. She had already blown up four lab rooms at Leviticus, and the last explosion was what created the three clones. The setting of this story affected everything in the book, because had she not been in the lab and not mixed two experiments together then the clones would never had come from the last explosion.

This book was good. It was very...
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