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Topics: The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls, New York City Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: February 2, 2014
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AP Language and Composition
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The Glass Castle is a chilling memoir written by the writer Jeannette Walls. The memoir is about her unfortunate childhood, which involved constantly being on the move due to her father Rex’s drinking problems getting them into debt or losing him a job. The author has a way of describing things that leaves readers emotionally connected, sympathetic, grateful, wanting more and many other reactions. Overall, The Glass Castle was an excellent life affirming and inspiring memoir.

Jeanette Walls writes The Glass Castle in a way that causes readers to have sympathy or at least connect emotionally with her. One of the instances in which we as readers are almost forced to have sympathy is at the beginning of the book when Walls is accidentally thrown out of a speeding car. The quote is “ I rolled several yards along the embankment, and when I came to a stop, I was too shocked to cry, with my breath knocked out and grit and pebbles in my eyes and mouth. I lifted my head in time to watch the Green Caboose get smaller and smaller and then disappear around a bend.” (Walls 30) She writes as if she is a child and then sends the reader back into a whole string of emotions from their childhood. She draws up sympathy through this quote by further going on to say that her parents had actually left her there and that she was completely helpless, which is horrible to feel. This is the first of many actions in the book that could easily traumatize a child for the rest of their life.

Freedman 2
The book doesn’t truly go into too much detail throughout its entirety. This leaves a sense of wanting more but also leaves the reader possibly suspicious as to how truthful the memoir really is. The problem with deciding whether the book is actually a memoir, meaning it is a true story is that since the names of everyone in the book are changed, no evidence can be...

Bibliography: Freedman 4
Walls, Jeannette. The Glass Castle: A Memoir. New York: Scribner, 2005. Print.
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