Book of Five Rings

Topics: Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings, Void Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Jhun Rick G. Formalejo
Eco 12 - 201M
A Book of Five Rings was written by Shinmen Musashi. He explained the Way in five books which are the Ground, Water, Fire, Wind (traditions) and Void (the illusionary nature of worldly things). It can be related to the present economy because it tackles about how to improve the ways of strategy to attain the success.

In the Ground Book, Musashi said that there are different ways and man practices the ways he feels inclined. He also said in this book that there are four ways in which men pass through life: as gentlemen, farmers, artisans and merchants. If we relate it to the present economy, the president can be the carpenter. As discussed by Musashi, the way of carpenter is to become proficient in the use of his tools, first to lay his plans with a true measure and perform his work according to his plan. In a way of carpentry, the president can be the foreman carpenter because he serves as the commander on building the economy and as a commander he should know the rules and creates plan to attain their goal. As a foreman, he allots works to his men according to their abilities. If he organized well his men, they will finish the work good. As what Musashi said: “The foreman should take into account the abilities and limitations of his men, circulating among them and asking nothing unreasonable. He should know their morale and spirit, and encourage them when necessary.” On the other hand, as to his people, they should work under the direction of their foreman and as they understand and master their work, they can also be a foreman.

In the Water book, the different strategies are tackled. One of the strategies mentioned by Musashi is the Spiritual Bearing in Strategy wherein he explained that in any situation we should be determined and calm. As to the economy, it was discussed in this book that we should not be biased. As to the leader, he should see things equal. There are many strategies discussed in this that might...
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