Book of Eli

Topics: Bible, God, Torah Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Characters for part one

Situation Archetypes- THE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, Carnegie is the bad guy in the movie and his goal is to rule what is left of the US. By doing so he must kill Eli to get the bible. He wants the bible because of the power of the words of god and how he can use the bible to control the hopeless people.

Symbolic Archetype- THE MAGIC WEAPON, in the movie the magic weapon represents the Holy Bible. The bible in this movie represents everything left of earth. Eli has the last message of the word of god and an evil man will do everything to use these Bible to change the minds of hundreds. The bible is used for good to help show people the light and to show the right way and the powerful message it in tells.

Character Archetype- (Solara), THE OUTCAST,
She is the outcast of this movie because she has been alone her whole life. She has wanted adventure and never had parents or a friend to talk to and to be around. She is basically banished from the town and the only reason is she welcomed is because of the labor she has to do for the people in town.

Character Archetype- (Carnegie), THE SHADOW, Carnegie is the bad guy in this and will fight to the end just so he can have the power of the Holy Bible. He follows Eli to the end and shoots him just so he can have the magic weapon in his hands.
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