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Topics: Murder, Psychology, Rock music Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: June 18, 2013
The article “Who killed Kristy?” by Mike White is set in New Zealand, South Island. This article tells a story of the murder of Kristy Bentley, The case still unsolved 13 years later. This article was mainly about Kristy parents and the her death. Kristy was a 15 year old girls, 3 weeks away from turning 16, when she was murder, and that where the article begins.

A aspect in this article that I found interesting was the police accusing Sid (Kristy father), and John (Kristy brother), for the murder of Kristy Bentley. The article describes how police thought it was these 2 men because Sid couldn’t really tell the police where he had been the afternoon of his daughter had gone missing. After many interviews police started to think that they had both had a part in murdering her. “But his movements soon began to concern police, with Sid unable to remember exactly where he’d been that afternoon.” I found this interesting because police thought that he may of done it just because he couldn’t remember, they didn’t think this could have something to do with the fact he had just lost his own daughter. “While police have never officially confirmed that Sid and John are their main suspects, they’ve done little to deny it.” I found this interesting because police made it clear who they thought it was, but because they had no proof they could do very little. This has made me realize that even if you are telling someone the truth that may not believe you even if they have the proof you didn’t do it.

The second aspect in this article that I found interesting was Kristy mother Jill. This article describes how Jill coped with everything that had happen, it tells the story of how Jill thinks Sid was hiding something from her and the police, and that all she wanted was justice for her daughter. Jill believes that Sid is hiding something about where he was the afternoon Kristy went missing. Jill’s words where “I don’t care what he was doing, he could have been in a brothel....
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