Book Borrowing System

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SE101 - Software Engineering I


Baldonado Jr., Michael M.


Dinna Lou J. Piedad

S.Y. 2011 - 2012


Manual systems in libraries were used in the 1970s and early 1980s until computers became more prevalent and less costly. Manual systems tended to operate with a card index to monitor the books that borrowers had out. Libraries also used a manual card catalog system for indexing and tracking books.

Manual operating systems are vulnerable to human error. For instance, a librarian who misfiles a borrower's records or indexes a book incorrectly slows down the process and wastes employees' time. Manual systems are also slow to operate. Instead of using a computer to issue and take back books, locating and updating a card index is slow and laborious. Manual systems are unable to store large amounts of data efficiently. With manual systems staff spends a lot of their time on mechanical, clerical tasks rather than liaising with library visitors.

User’s Description

Most likely the one that who will use the system are students, and teachers that has no time in going

System Description

Library Management System is a multi-user version and can take care of all the fundamental functions of a Library like borrowing books, searching for books and checking the books. It can satisfactorily cater to all the basic functions of a small library.

A simple library management system that provides following facilities login, register, add Category, add / remove book, search / issue Book, return book.

Library system keeps track of all the transaction that takes place in the library. Starting from book transaction to financial transaction.

Purpose and Objectives

The Purpose and Objectives of the project is to create a library management system which sorts the administrators, staffs and students separately. It empowers each with different levels of privileges. Users and administrators are allowed to search and lend/take books from the library. It also sorts the items in the library and lets administrator to monitor items/members and also generate graphical reports for them.

Scope and Limitation

Any education institute can make use of it for providing information about author, content of the available books. It can be used in offices and modifications can be easily done according to requirements.

System’s Features

← Only basic knowledge of computers is required for operating of Library Management System. As it has a user-friendly application interface.

← An inbuilt Settings module makes Library Management System flexibility to cater to diverse organizational needs.

← Keeps records of supplier’s and binder’s

← Staff as well as student record is maintained



1. Brief Description

To interact with the system, LMS will validate its registration with this system. It also defines the actions a user can perform in LMS.

2. Flow of Events

1. Basic Flow

The use case begins when the actor types his/her name and password on the login form. 1. The system displays the Main Form and the use case ends.

2. Alternative Flow(s)

1. Invalid username and/or password

If the user enters an invalid username and/or password, the system displays an error message. The user can choose to either return to the beginning of the Basic Flow or cancel the login, at which the use case ends.

3. Pre Conditions


4. Post Conditions

If the use case is successful, the user can now log into the system. If not the system is unchanged. USE CASE SPECIFICATION: Search Books

1. Brief Description

Search Books makes it easy to search for article on LMS. With this search companion, user can specify several search criteria. For...
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