Book Analysis: The Odd Sea

Topics: Homer, Love, Odyssey Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Chapter 2 – The Odd Sea (section 2) Meredith Woodruff

1. What is The Odyssey?

The Odyssey was a story by the Greek poet Homer. (28)

2. What kind of person is Mr.Shumway?

Mr. Shumway was a good father. He told his children a story that helped them cope with the disappearance of Ethan. (27)

3. Does Mr. Shumway’s beaver story have anything to do with Ethan’s disappearance?

No the story didn’t have anything to do with Ethan’s disappearance, but it did sound like it could have been about Ethan. (27) (28)

4.What kind of person is Victoria? How does Amy react to Victoria? How does Ethan react to Victoria?

Victoria is a mentor who helps others. (29)

Amy doesn’t really care for Victoria too much. She refers to her as “the blond bimbo on the hill”(29)

Ethan really likes Victoria. He also said that he loves her. (39)

5. In what ways does the author reveal information about Victoria?

The author tells a lot about Victoria after she moves to Oregon and Mr. Shumway hires an Oregon-based detective. He reveals that she has a boyfriend that she went to high school with and he also reveals that she has a sick mom in Oregon. (46)

6. What kind of person is Ethan? What examples can you give to back up what you say?

Ethan was a musician and played the guitar and he took it seriously .He was a responsible person. He was also in love with his girlfriend Melissa. (31)(39)

I say Ethan was a musician because he played the guitar and he told Victoria that he took his playing serious

I say he was a responsible person because the night they were going out into the blizzard with Victoria he made sure everyone was bundled up and warm. He also made sure that Dana had clothes on under her snowsuit.

7. What is Melissa like?

Melissa seems to be quiet and in...
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