Book Analysis: The Distrust between the Sexes

Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Brody Carrasco
Professor Ferguson
English 61208
6 October 2014
An Analysis of Dr. Horney’s “The Distrust between the Sexes” In Dr. Horney’s “The Distrust Between the Sexes,” she explains the “several psychological reasons” for the unease in a relationship. Dr. Horney explains the discomfort in a couple’s bond with three causes. Horney argues there are “individual factors” that causes “poor relationships between men and women” that might “be pertinent ones” (340). The reality of what she argues however is in her “commonplace” theories. These theories help give the reader better comprehension of the problems or distrusts in a relationship. To better understand Dr. Horney’s theory as to the causes of the “Distrust Between the Sexes,” let us examine three of her “commonplace” causes: “the intensity of the [emotions] and with the difficulty of taming them” (340); the “certain traits of male psychology” (343);and lastly, the sexual tensions between men and women. According to Horney, one quite “commonplace” psychological cause for the distrust between men and women is due to “the intensity of the [emotions] and with the difficulty of taming them” (340). When someone is in lust with another person, there emotions can get stimulated to an extent where they get mad at their partner for no reason. Horney argues that people “lead to ecstasy” and “[t]his is why real passion is so rare.” For many people, they are forced “to put all of our eggs in the basket” when we happen to be “beside oneself, to surrendering oneself.” Whenever an individual forces themselves to love, they are “inclined to be reserved and ever ready to retreat.” Also, we have an instinct “for self-preservation,” meaning that “we all have a fear of losing ourselves.” In this case, “what happens to love happens to education...” She argues this because there is a shortage with knowledge. She clarifies that like love, education “thinks he knows all about them, but few do.” She goes on to insist that...
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