Book Analysis: The Da Vinci Code

Topics: The Da Vinci Code, Leonardo da Vinci, Dan Brown Pages: 6 (996 words) Published: March 26, 2007
The name of the book I am doing for my Independent Study Unit is "THE DA

VINCI CODE", by Dan Brown. The theme of this story includes mystery and religion.

Mystery is the main theme of this book. This book uses both themes very significantly.

The theme is supported by the characters of the book including the Protagonist, Robert

Langdon, and the Antagonist, Sir Leigh Teabing. These two characters create a big

conflict which will affect the whole world. This conflict is considered as man versus man.

The tone of this book that Dan Brown has shown is seriousness. He has shown this

because he wants the reader to think that his type of history in the book was true. The

mood of the story is mystery. It was set on the characters; the characters are then used to

help solve the mystery. This is how the story was done.

The main theme used in this book is mystery. One type of mystery used in this

book is character mystery. "Is Mary really god" Page 142. In this quote the mystery of

Mary Magdalene (character), is shown either she was just a wife of Jesus or just a

civilian. Also this book showed symbols to show how mysteries are created. In one case,

"…the curator was found dead…he laid there in the figure of a painting made by

Leonardo Da Vinci…it's the Vitruvian Man" Page 82. This figure showed a symbol. This

symbol is then used as a clue during the book. Another theme shown in this book is

religion. Religion is shown a lot in this book. This book tells how Christianity is not real,

"…a women in the picture ‘The Last Supper'…this means Jesus was married to Mary

Magdalene" Page 341. On the photo "The Last Supper" a woman is shown in there with

opposite colours of Jesus. This symbolized their love for each other. The theme, mystery,

shows many conflicts and many secrets, it makes the book better.

The conflict in this book was man versus man. The protagonist in this book is a

professor named Robert Langdon and the antagonist is a person named Sir Leigh

Teabing. Sir Leigh Teabing killed many people in this story just to find out if Christianity

was real or not, Robert Langdon never wanted anyone to find out the secret because it

might corrupt the world. This is how we know that Robert Langdon was a protagonist. To

find who the antagonist was, was very difficult because everyone was suspected to be in

this conflict, but eventually at the end he tells you. In many cases you can prove that this

was right but in one case the victim said that it was not Robert Landon. "Sofia came n

looked at the print n told authorities that it wasn't me… I wonder what it said… ‘P.S. it

wasn't Robert Langdon'…", Page 87. The quote that proves that Sir Leigh Teabing was

an antagonist is when he was caught by the curator trying to steal an artefact which will

tell the world the secrets of Christianity, the curator then got murdered. While people

thought Robert Langdon was the murderer, no one really though that the victim wrote

that it wasn't him. "…the brotherhood has protected the secret for so long, it has to be let

out now…" , Page 319. The final quote that proved this was all right is when Sir Leigh

Teabing held Sophia as hostage. "Langdon heard gunshots… although he knew Sophia

was held hostage he would never think that he was that desperate…" , Page 441. Tebing

was then fooled by his own plans when Robert Langdon threatened to burn all the secrets

if he does not let Sophia go. The conflict is done on how it shows man versus man; it

always pulled me in, in the situation with the antagonist and protagonist in one conflict

The tone of this book that Dan Brown has shown is seriousness. This can be

proved by how he took real paintings and twisted the truth. "…a women in the picture

‘The Last Supper'…this means Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene" Page 341.

In this picture a guy beside...
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