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Book Analysis of by David Sedaris

Topics: Writing, Computer, Definition / Pages: 2 (432 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2014
In by David Sedaris; he uses several writing strategies such as definition, narration, cause and effect, description, compare and contrast, and argument to approach the topic and explain his thoughts. Before I give the examples of these strategies am going to explain what they are all about. Sedaris uses definition when he wants to define a term. He uses narration when he talks about the experience with his sister. Sedaris narrates about that using computer as television is efficient. He uses cause and effect when he wants to talk about now that computer is in mail and the library has no use to anyone. Sedaris writes about a lot of description in this essay. He describes about his memories and experiences of using the typewriter at the airport and watching people who use computers. Sedaris uses argument when he was using his typewriter and the bellhop appears to make and complain. Sedaris compares the use of his typewriter to the computer. He also contrasts his feelings and thoughts about his typewriter with computers.
An example of definition in the essay is “Due to my general aversion to machines and a few pronounced episodes of screaming, I was labeled a technophobe, a term that ranks fairly low on my scale of fighting’ words” (Sedaris, 2000, pg.177), he is basically defining the term technophobe. According to Sedaris “it was my father dream that one day the people of the world would be connected to one another through a network of blocky” (2000, pg.176). “I hate the way they’ve invaded the movies. I’m not talking about their contribution to the world of special effects” the uses of cause and effect here give a sense of emotion to the readers. According to Sedaris “I wind up eliciting the sort of reaction one might expect when traveling with a cannon. “It’s a typewriter,” I say. “You use it to write angry letters to airport authorities.” (2000, pg.177). He describes and experience while he was at the airport. And finally an example of argument. The bellhop appear with a complaint from others at the noise he is making in his room with the typewriter. (Sedaris, 2000, pg.178).
By using comparison and contrast, cause and effect, description, narration, argument, and definition, Sedaris is expressing his hatred towards using computer and living in new digital technology generation. The effect all of this strategies has on the essay was a simply one. It made the essay easier to read and understand.
Word Count: 441
Sedaris, D. (2000). Write Now. Used by permission of Little, Brown and Co., Inc. Pg. 176-178

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