Book Analysis: Grandfather Tiger

Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Grandfather Tiger Analysis
The story ‘Grandfather Tiger’ is about a Indian girl going to school in Australia. This story tells her experiences during her first few days of school. It also tells about an imaginary tiger which has replaced her grandfather when he passed away. This story shows how school and being exposed to the outer world and other people can change the mindset of a person. At first Joti was very enthusiastic and optimistic about school. “Friends!” she says. From this we can see how much she is looking forward to her experience at school and how she sees friends as the main essence of school, and how eager she is to meet new people and become friends with them. However, in school, she was constantly insulted by her schoolmates: “You have to sit on the other side”, “You're awfully skinny”, “That’s only what black people eat”, and “eating those”. And even after that she held her thoughts back, “She didn’t think it was right to tell the girl that she was awfully fat”, so as to not cause conflict. She “Sat with her back to them so that they could not see her crying”. This is a point where her opinion and impression of school starts to change. After school, she exclaimed that she “cannot go back”, that “they think I am black-people. They laugh at me, and I hate them”. From this we can observe that her mindset is no longer the same, optimistic ‘Friends!’, but after being bullied, it is changed to a negative and scary one, she no longer looks forward to going to school. However, the next day, when she found a friend who understood her and is nice to her, her mindset of school changed yet again. To a place where she could be herself and ask her mum to “make more kebabs” because she wanted to “share them with [her] friends”. This time her impression of school changes to a place where sharing and caring for one another as close as sisters would as she exclaims: “We are sisters, sisters”. This shows how much the people whom you interact with can affect...
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