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Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy Pages: 6 (2243 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Pride and Prejudice
Lexie Pellett

One of the world’s most beloved and cherished novels is Pride and Prejudice. Published in 1813 by Jane Austen, this book has truly withstood the test of time and for good reason. In her novel, she tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet, a quick witted young woman. Elizabeth’s small town gets turned upside down when two rich, young bachelors come into town. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy catch the eye of the eldest Bennet sisters, but not in the same way. Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley immediately hit it off and clearly like each other, while Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy do not like the other. As time passes, Darcy finds himself liking Elizabeth more and more, though Elizabeth finds herself disgusted with Mr. Darcy’s character. As the story continues however, Darcy proves himself time and time again and Elizabeth realizes her true feelings for him. They reconcile, and are shortly married along with her sister, Jane, and Mr. Bingley. Austen weaves a tale that everyone can relate to in one way or another, and teaches lessons through her story telling that everyone would be wise to pay attention to. Miss Austen wrote about finding a spouse because your feeling for them is love them, not because it is the most socially acceptable thing to do, which was seldom done then. With the help of this novel she paved the way for other great romance stories and female writers. Thanks to her writing genius she has written an all together well written novel that will continue to pull at the heartstrings of reader young and old for generations to come.

Jane Austen’s made a name for herself with Pride and Prejudice in the 1800’s for her impeccable literary style and technique. The story is told in third person omniscient, but follows Elizabeth Bennet throughout the entirety. This allows the reader to get a feel for the thoughts of not just Elizabeth, but the rest of the novel’s cast. It removes more of questioning that occurs when the thoughts of all of the other characters are hidden, and helps move the plot forward. Along with the point of view, she also uses a certain kind of language to go along with the book. Austen uses non-harsh words in the book to keep the tone light and comical. Instead of making a character throw out harsh expletives when upset or angered, she gives them a more eloquent sense of thoughts. There is also humor injected into the scenes where one would not think to add it. Even when things are going downhill for Elizabeth, Austen never fails to boost the scenes morale by the addition of a humorous character or scenario. The literary style in the novel also shows the true way that life is. Even by today’s standards, the portrayal of life in the Bennet family is incredibly real. Instead of giving Elizabeth the perfect family who is well behaved, she gives her a family with quirks. Her family is a mess, like most other families in all generations. Each character has their own set of flaws, and no one person is absolutely perfect.

One of the reasons that Pride and Prejudice is so cherished by those who read it is because of the endearing and sometimes frustrating characters. Our main heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, is the epitome of a strong, independent woman. She is truthful, virtuous, and clever, and refuses to let the snobbish tendencies of society get her down. For all of her numerous strengths, she is human and is therefore bound to have her weaknesses too. Elizabeth is quick to throw out her opinions, which can land her in a bind when she greatly offends someone of a greater social standing than her. She is also quick to judge someone without knowing them, which is her biggest issue in the book. She judges Mr. Darcy when she first sees him at the ball, and sticks to her snap judgment of his character without knowing his background. She spends the entire novel grappling with her judgment of him, and her heart’s desire for him. Elizabeth character grows in the end and she learns the error...
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