Topics: George Moscone, Crime, Harvey Milk Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Can violent movies motivate a person to kill ? Movies reflect the world to us and do not make their own world; movies make a person see and feel what he/she can not see or feel in this world for example - How a rich person feels the struggle of a homeless guy while he’s staying in aircondition with his family enjoying their big house. Stone in “Memo to John Grisham: What’s NEXT A MOVIE MADE ME DO IT” trying to defend himself against Grisham by using appeals such as: Logical, Ethical and Emotional appeals, Stone is saying that ‘A MOVIE CAN NOT MAKE ME DO IT’.

Oliver Stone used a Logical appeal making the reader to think about the case by his/her mind and trying to convince the reader and to clarify that whatever inside the person will motivate he/she in either ways good or evil; “It is likely that, whether they had seen Natural Born Killers or The Green Berets or a Tom and Jerry cartoon the night before their first crime, Ben and Sarah would have behaved in exactly the way they did”. Stone logically argued back with a valid point. All teenagers around

Hanna 2
the world have seen the movie and they weren’t affected by it like Ben and Sarah were; the problem seems to be in Ben and Sarah, not the movie.“1500 hours of mostly violent TV programming might have slightly more effect on these two youngsters than two hours of Natural born killers?”. Ben and Sarah could have never been affected by a two hours movie and motivated them to attempt a crime; as millions of people saw the movie and they never heard about somebody who attempted a crime from just watching a violent movie, as Natural born killers was not and won’t be the last violent movie. The whole problem comes from the inner of Ben’s and Sarah’s, both of them had a bad life where the family was not there nor taking care of them or watching out their teenage children. We can tell that both of Sarah and Ben came out from a separated and different families where the love...
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