Topics: Acceleration, Classical mechanics, Velocity Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: April 7, 2013
German University in Cairo Faculty of EMS Department: Mechatronics Prof. Dr. Imam Morgan

Mechanics II (ENME 402) Assignment (2)

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Dead Line: Thursday 11/4/2013


Problem (1) A tractor-trailer is traveling at 90 km/h when the driver applies his brakes. Knowing that the braking forces of the tractor and the trailer are 16 kN and 60 kN, respectively, determine: (a) the distance traveled by the tractor-trailer before it comes to a stop, (b) the horizontal component of the force in the hitch between the tractor and the trailer while they are slowing down.


Problem (2) The system shown is initially at rest. Neglecting the masses of the pulleys and the effect of friction in the pulleys, determine: (a) the acceleration of each block, (b) the tension in each cable.


Problem (3) The motion of an oscillating flywheel is defined by the relation:    0 e7 t / 6 sin 4 t,

where θ is expressed in radians and t in seconds. Knowing that θo= 0.4 rad, determine, the angular coordinate, the angular velocity, and the angular acceleration of the flywheel when; (a) t = 0.125 s, (b) t = ∞.


Problem (4) When the power to an electric motor is turned on the motor reaches its rated speed of 2400 rpm in 4 s, and when the power is turned off the motor coasts to rest in 40 s. Assuming uniformly accelerated motion, determine the number of revolutions that the motor executes: (a) in reaching its rated speed, (b) in coasting to rest.


Problem (5) The rectangular block shown rotates about the diagonal OA with a constant angular velocity of 6.76 rad/s. Knowing that the rotation is counterclockwise as viewed from A, determine the velocity and acceleration of point B at the instant shown.


Problem (6) The bent rod ABCD rotates about a line joining points A and E with a constant angular velocity of 12 rad/s. Knowing that the rotation is clockwise as viewed from E, determine the velocity and...
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