Boo Radley - Writing Prompt

Topics: English-language films, To Kill a Mockingbird, 2006 singles Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: October 6, 2008
RAFTS Writing Prompts (Draft 1)
No. 2 Boo Radley

I am rarely allowed to go out of my house. I can only go out when the neighbors are in their houses. I can never do anything fun because that is a sin. During the day, I peel the paint off my walls to see if there are any holes in the walls. If I do find a hole, I dig deeper and deeper until I cannot go on anymore. Then I just leave it. Sometimes, I find mice in the holes. When I find them, I keep them for a while and then I eat them alive. When I do not want to talk to my family, I hide in my closet and just stay in there for hours. My brother sometimes brings me stuff from work if I behaved well during the day. Every time he brings me something, I hide it stored in a place only I know about, which is a hole in the tree outside. Last week, I hid my Wrigley’s Double-Mint and a couple of Indian-head coins. When I came back a few days later to store a ball of gray twine, my gum and my coins were gone. The kids who stole my things did not know I was watching them. A few days later, in the knothole, I placed a carved soap of the two kids I carved myself so I could scare them away. I also got caught by my brother I was hiding things in the knothole because the next day, he filled in with cement. When I don’t peel the paint off my walls or find mice to eat, I just sleep to kill time. When I'm allowed to go to the bathroom, I close the door and try to sharpen my teeth for the mice. It’s really painful because I get a knife sharpener and I literally sharp my teeth. I also keep a needle and ball of twine and I make figures out of them. When I sew, I make our neighbors like Mr. Avery and Mr. Finch. I never sew like a girl but I think they are good for my standards. I also try to kill my time reading the dictionary. Reading the dictionary is better than reading the Bible because you can learn a few new words off the dictionary while the Bible tells you how to live your life. Lastly, I draw on my wall that tells...
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