Bonobos vs Pan Paniscus

Topics: Gorilla, Hominidae, Primate Pages: 4 (1167 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Pan Paniscus vs. Gorilla Beringei

            Bonobos, sometimes called pygmy chimpanzees, survive and endure in fission-fusion social groups where a behomitic amount of individuals apportion into smaller groups of size and composition. They are classified as those involved in patrilineal groups. Bonobos are in Central Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are an estimated number of thirty thousand bonobos in existence. Bonobos abide in the swampy rainforests of the southern region of the Zaire River.  Their diet and comestibles are composed of mostly fruit being approximately forty to ninety percent of their diet but also consume seeds, leaves, bark, stems, insects, pith, roots, and mushrooms. Because Bonobos aren’t aggressive or antipathetic hunters on rare occasion’s mammals such as duikers which are small antelopes or flying squirrels are hunted. They also eat small mammals, larvae, eggs, and soil. Most of their days involve sleeping, consuming comestibles, traveling and conveying, building nests, and group entertainment.  It is important for adolescent and blossoming female Bonobos to initiate interactions socially to former period and mature female Bonobos. Female bonobos dominate the social environment. Males associate themselves with females for many reasons including mating, kinship, and rank. Sex is used for human like reasons such as affection, popularity, games, excitement, trade, and stress reduction, not just reproduction. Bonobos usually have their first child at age 13 or 14. They don’t usually have their next child until 4-6 years later. Birth rates rise between March and May every year for different survival reasons. Female offspring’s relationship with mothers tends to dissolve while male offspring’s relationships tend to stay close with mothers. Bonobos have been noted to self-medicate by leaf swallowing. Some traits that zoo bonobos have are funny faces, play type, audible clapping noises, and games played. Bonobos have longer...
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