Bonobos Pigmy Chimps

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Anthropology 101
October 22th, 2012
Bonobos (Pigmy Chimpanzees)
The Bonobo is known as a greater primate, an anthropoid, as well as a greater ape. It was discovered in 1929 by German anatomist Ernst Schwarz (Sex and Society). He was examining a skull that had been ascribed to a young chimpanzee because of its small size and had then realized it belonged to an adult. Schwarz had declared that he had stumbled on a new subspecies of chimpanzee, a bonobo, which was officially classified as Pan paniscus (Sex and Society).

The Bonobos communities are peace-loving and generally equal. The strongest social bonds are those among females, although females also bond with males. The status of a male depends on the position of his mother, to whom he remains closely bonded for her entire life. Bonobos are known as those who substitute sex for aggression; it is a crucial part of their social relations not just between males and females. Pigmy Chimpanzees engage in sex virtually in every partner combination and occur more often among Bonobos than among other primates. Regardless of the sex frequency, the Bonobo's rate of reproduction is about the same as that of the chimpanzee in the wild. A female Bonobo gives birth to a single infant in between five and six years (Bonobo). This is one very crucial characteristic that we humans share with Pigmy Chimpanzees, which is a partial separation between sex and reproduction.

Bonobos obtain different traits from other primates, such as longer legs and a smaller head with narrow shoulders. Their lips obtain the same coloring as humans; they have small ears and share almost the same wide nostrils as gorillas. The body weight of the Bonobo is proportioned differently than the common chimpanzee making it possible for the Bonobo to stand straighter and walk bipedally (Bonobo). The long-limbed body structure of the Bonobo is thought to be an adaptation for climbing and living an arboreal lifestyle in the rain-forest. The facial...

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