Bonnie And Clyde Paper

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Bonnie and Clyde

“You’ve read the story of Jesse James—Of how he lived and died; If your still in need Of something to read Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.”(Bonnie Parker; After her father’s death, Bonnie Parker’s family packed up and headed off toward Cement City near Dallas. There she attended high school proving she wasn’t just another pretty face but someone with real intelligence. With her addiction to poetry, being a creative writer, an excellent student, and on top of that a spelling bee champion with a flair for the arts; she was no dumb blonde. Bonnie married too young while in high school at the tender age of age sixteen years old, to an “immature, rattle-brained husband”(, who would end up in the pen just but a year later. Lonely and depressed the young Bonnie Parker was left to become a waitress and only hope there was in fact more in life.

Clyde Chestnut Barrow stood 5”7, weighing 130lbs, he wore his thick brown hair slicked back with a part to the left ( He came into the world as one of many children born to dirt-poor, tenant farmer, parents barely getting by in Telico, Texas. Eventually, along with his brothers and sisters, the family moved to the outskirts of Dallas where his father would run a gas station. Clyde quickly learned to detest poverty; like Bonnie he too knew there had to be more to life than what he was currently offered. In January of 1930, Clyde visited a friend in West Dallas and was thus introduced to his fate, Bonnie Parker. Bonnie and Clyde were meant for each other, clinging to one another while they fought back against the odds built against them. They were the children of a nationwide economic depression. It’s been said by some historians that a type of “anger” dwelled within Clyde, having been born ragged and made more ragged by a slumped economy in depression. He often killed in cold blood, but always justified his right to pull the trigger. Perhaps he actually did believe it to be his own privilege in doing it because he was getting back at those better off, as if he were winning one for the lower class.

As the increasing fame of Bonnie and Clyde spread, they shot their way out of police loops, (which were becoming more and more frequent), and claimed that the “laws” they killed just happened to get in the way, and were not personal ( However government officials took them as so, therefore marking the duo for death. While they tormented banks and storeowners in five states-Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and New Mexico; americans had become thrilled by their “Robin Hood” like adventures. Since the “American Dream” collapsed along with the stock market in 1929,and following that the devastating drought plaguing the Great Plains, most of the nation saw Bonnie and Clyde as striking back at the society that failed them. The presence of Bonnie, a female, heightened the sincerity of their intentions making them unique and individual –even at times appearing heroic.

When on the run, they found time to visit their Dallas area stationed families with whom they had managed to stay in touch with by coming up with their own codes between family members, all the while risking capture. Clyde would pause the latest of his stolen cars in front of the Barrow Service Station and from the car toss a soda bottle containing directions for a meeting place.( While maneuvering past road blocks and 5-0, they managed to find time to enjoy themselves, very often the past time would be posing for pictures together, and on more than one occasion the photo would be of Bonnie with a gun in one hand and a cigar in her mouth. Thus giving her the nickname, “cigar smoking moll of the Barrow...

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