Bollywood Promoting Religious Sentiments or Supernatural Powers?

Topics: Religion, Supernatural, God Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: March 13, 2011
In a secular country like India where the constitution itself speaks of secularism and the freedom to practice any religion, an individual still believes in making a world of their own with superficial figures existing in fantasy. The research done tries to focus on Bollywood movies released especially during 1990-2010. It specifically studies about these movies focus on religion or supernatural existence. There are movies that speak of horror or supernatural beings and their presence of a spirit into the world. The research tries to find out how much significance and importance do these movies have in one’s life as compared to those of the religious one’s. Statistics also show that there were almost more than 30 Bollywood films released since 1990-2010 which displayed life beyond existence. While religion has not been a way to enforce a particular religion on the society, nevertheless, we find movies that dominate a universal state dominant religion through movies.

Literature Review
During the beginning of the 1990 era, we observe that there was a sudden rise in the romantic film genre, with the entrance of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and the other back to back films that gave the charts challenging hits in a row. But, it is infact amazing to see these were the very years when there were a number of movies released on the belief of supernatural powers being the primary focus. Moreover, in the last few decades it was also seen that movies have started falling prey of the supernatural phenomena, making the audience believe all that they portray on screen to be true. What is religion in India?

India’s religion goes way back to 4,500 years, from where the ancient theory of belief began. With Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrians etc in India, the term religion has blurred in the years. Since India is a secular country, one is free to practice the religion of his choice. The Belief about religion and media

Most of the times it has been...
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